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      龙波深 信企业文化是企业的灵魂、企业发展的源动力。一直秉承的人文关怀,促进了企业文化建设,增进员工间的交流、理解,给企业 的发展带来了巨大的能量。

      Longpo is convinced that company culture is the soul of an enterprise and the driving force for its development. Therefore it has maintained the human concern to promote the company culture construction, the communication and understanding among the staff, and has brought great energy to the enterprise development.

      每个龙波人,深切感 受领导带来的温暖与关怀。同时,也赢得了各界的关注,国内外多方位的交流,使龙波 吸收更新鲜的血液,促进更好的发展。

      All the Longpo people feel the warmth and concern brought by the company leaders, at the same time gaining the focus from all circles and the leaders. Through a wide range of communication with companies from home and abroad, the company has absorbed fresh nutrient to generate better profits.




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