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      安徽龙 波电气有限公司是一家中外合资企业,公司为集研发、生产、销售高、低压输 配电产品于一体的国家高新技术企业,主要产 品有真空断路器和其它各类智能电气产品。 

      公司为集研发、生产与销售高、低压配 电产品于一体的国家级高新技术企业,主要产品有高、低压断路器和高、低压开关成套产品,产品广泛应用于电力、煤炭、冶金、化工、石油、交通运输、矿山及 城市建设等行业,并以可 靠的质量和优质的服务赢得广大客户的一致认可和好评。

      公司位 于安徽省淮北市,现建有二个厂区,占地约3.5万平米,建筑面积约2.2万平米。公司通过了“ISO9001”质量体系认证,产品取 得了国家强制性“CCC”认证。公司进行管理创新,从办公OA、资源管理ERP、计算机设计分析CAD/CAE、数据管理PDM到产品集成制造CIM、产品检测VBT系统,全过程 实现计算机管理。确保了 产品质量达到或超过国家标准、IEC标准,更好的为顾客服务。

     Anhui Longpo Electrical Co.,Ltd. is a joint venture enterprise. The company has become a national-tech enterprise integrating the R&D,manufacturing and sales of high and low voltage power transmission and distribution products. The main products are vacuum circuit breakers and other kinds of intelligent electrical products.

      The company has become a national high-tech enterprise integrating the R&D, manufacturing and sales of high and low voltage power transmission and distribution products. The main products are high and low voltage circuit breaker and high and low voltage switch complete sets of products, which are widely used in the electric power, coal,metallurgy,chemical industry,Petroleum,transportation,mine and city construction and other industries, and have been universally recognized and esteemed by the customers with its liable quality and good service.

      Located in Huaibei of Anhui Province, the company has currently two manufacturing sites covering and area of 350,000 ㎡, with a construction area of 220,000㎡. Company has passed the “ISO9001”Certification of Quality System, the product has obtained The National Compulsory “CCC“Certification., the company keeps trying the management innovation by realizing the computer management in office administration (OA), enterprise resource planning (ERP), computer analysis and design (CAD/CAE), product data management (PDM), company integrated manufacturing (CIM) and product testing system (VBT), thus assuring the product quality is up to or over the national and IEC standards to offer better service for customers.


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